David Stertzer

Managing Director

David Stertzer is a Managing Director for Wamberg Genomic Advisors with a focus on life insurance companies and genomic / Advanced DNA Testing program strategies. As top officer at AALU for nearly thirty-three years, Stertzer provided continuity, leadership and strategic vision to AALU’s Board of Directors. Throughout the AALU’s growth period, David stressed the critical nature of a unified life insurance industry to deliver its message to Capitol Hill with a single voice and increase the number of successful members of the life insurance community.

Mr. Stertzer says, “The life insurance community has always innovated. New products and programs have consistently been created that have been critical components in meeting the comprehensive financial, and life needs of insureds. The programs being created by Wamberg are enabling the life insurance community and agents to be at the forefront of programs that extend and improve life. It is consistent with the values and purpose of life insurance. I am excited to be part of this mission to help the life insurance community and their agents make genomics and advanced DNA testing part of their portfolio.”