Darren Rowe

Chief Innovation Officer

A co-founder and former CEO of the UK’s largest independent cancer navigation company, Darren is WGA’s Chief Innovation Officer, with leadership responsibility for strategic innovation and program design. Darren has a career background in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, and has held several leadership roles within companies specializing in the development of disruptive and innovative genomic technologies for personalized cancer treatments.

Leading Champions Oncology’s European subsidiary businesses, Darren helped them achieve a market cap of $180m from a zero base. Darren is a former board member of Bowel Cancer UK and current board member of UK-based health technology company Trustedoctor.

Whilst in the UK, Darren was a regular guest on the BBC, providing commentary on consumer-led healthcare issues. Darren studied Cognitive Behavioral Science at Leicester University in England and Executive Leadership and Organizational Innovation at Cornell Business School.

In his spare time, Darren mentors small businesses and designs programs to help individuals lead happier and more meaningful lives.

Darren and his family recently relocated to the USA from London, UK.